They left her crying,

Screaming for mercy.

They burnt her alive and drank from her soul

From goblets ornamented with greed and carved with poignancy.

They fragmented her existence,

Obliterating her serene being.

And in punitive desire they tormented her

With fiery whips of anguish, false hope and despair

The mellifluous flow of blood

Brought her thoughts alive.

And in her contrition she grieved

As she mulled over the impudence of mankind.

She loathed upon their vindictive ideals,

Drowning deep in the shallowness of these revolting men.

The embers within her became ashes

As entropy became inevitable and her existence irreparable

For the law and love are blind

But so is power.

Man held the reins and etched her with scars

In return for the love she hath bequeathed.

They tormented her till her very last breath

And then cried solemnly,

‘Spread the word, make it known,

For Mother Earth’s death we must mourn.’

With every wrong,

She sunk deeper into Oblivion.



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