You tear down the shards of ebullience with you,

And trudge along with the void concocted in your heart.

You watch the conflagration within,

Subside and smolder; slowly.

You look for salvation

In the eyes of those who mourn you

Only to watch blank pupils

Scrutinize the sins of your past.

You feel the grains of time

As they mellifluously run down your callused fingers.

You are gripped by the shadows of assuaging complacence

Crippled by the rage of domineering diffidence

And you look for more

Than what you’ve already found.

You seek a hand to hold

But instead watch darkness unfold

Until you have been enveloped

Until you have been encumbered.

The walls slowly close in around you

Cloistering you from the burst of passion in your heart

Each brick formulating it,

Relaying a different memory.

So you watch all that was snatched away

Incense sweeping over like wildfire

The hunger in your eyes

Swarming over like an epiphany.

The beauty of life fades away

And reality paves way.

You find yourself breaking the catacombs that impede you,

Only to discover more graveyards awaiting your burial.

You are deceived and robbed of tranquility

As you watch the inkling of hope, dissipate.

You have faced unprecedented rejection

Living a life of sinister interjection

You feel your blood running cold

At the disparage the hurl at you

At the abuse they assail at you

At the fingers they point at you.

You cocoon yourself

Just like your fingers enveloped by your palms

In that fist you made

While feeling the cadence of exploitation

Hammer at your soul

And you come undone.


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