Fake smiles, candid cries;

Flusters of pain hidden by guilty eyes.

Blood imbrued walls, rubescent floors;

Misery secured behind latched wooden doors.


A slit wrist to take the blame;

A paper heart that feeds the flame.

Hair dipped in gold, ornamenting the black;

Waiting for the train, on the empty train track.


Erased colours, cautious measures;

Torn pages to obliterate clandestine treasures.

Beguiling smiles, to ease the frown;

A little something to remember before you drown.


Words too big, meaning too small;

Empty sentences on a bulletproof wall.

An estranged feeling, a betraying thought;

Quivering fingers, a mellifluous gunshot.


A speeding clock, lachrymal hours;

A deserted new moon, amongst the flagrant stars.

Darkness above, fear within;

A small punishment, for every sin.


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