Broken Wings

We’ve watered dead plants for far too long, waited and waited and waited for that which was never really meant for us. We have bled and have had our hearts run over again and again and again. We have heard our bones snap and our courage break and our hope slack, just to touch what is forbidden. We have only wanted, only craved for what is not ours. We have rubbed our tear stained eyes and looked at empty screens with bloodshot eyes. We have shoved pillows in our mouths and wound chains around the wings on our backs, just to feel forbidden feelings. We have let pain give us sinful pleasure and tasted morbidity on our bitten lips. We’re lusting over intangible love and letting our monsters beckon us forward. We’re letting go of what really holds us together, tugging on our strings and begging them to let go of us; begging them to leg to of what keeps us intact.
We embrace the chaos in our mind, the insecurity in our heart and the wounds in our soul and inevitably stagger to the altar of regret. We hope to come clean after all our misgivings. Surely, we should be punished for all the crimes that we have committed against ourselves? We have let beauty deceive us and have run after those who place brutal sharp diamonds in our paths. We have felt betrayal surge through us as we plaster fake smiles on our painted faces. We are losing what we once had, bidding for the jackpot that is only a mirage in the desert. We are gambling our soul and killing our passions and polluting our dreams and hardening our ambitions and furthering our plight and destroying everybody’s trust and breaking our own hearts.


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