I will let you push me away
And watch you step on my frozen form.
I will touch my bruises that slipped from your fingers
And still cover you to keep you warm

I will help you destroy the good in me
If only you hold me tight
I will keep very quiet about the scars adorning me
That you carve every night

I will sell my freedom and gamble my pride
To taste a part of you
My sins are tarnished in your name
There is you in everything I do

My tears wear you down
Keep my feelings stitched, I must
For it is I who really love you
You’re just clinging on to flammable lust

I catch my reflection blink
Each time I let you mould me into another toy
The red on these sheets tell the same story
There is no simple ode to joy

I’m trembling as I speak to you
Fearing the tyrant that you always were
Your eyes hurl molten rocks at me
As you stare back, from the mirror



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