Colours reflecting off window panes

And glass clad buildings
This city gave me not only purpose
But also passion
Not just a ray of hope
But honey kissed sunlight through my window
As I drifted through
The ache of my limbs
Was just a distant call
In the mechanics of this ethereal paradigm
With coins jingling in my pocket
And incessant snapshots
I armed myself
With beautiful colours
The purple in my icecream
The peach in the clouds
The metallic lust of statues
The white on the ground
The blue of the sky
The green in the sea
The black in the street
The flaxen beach
But the the diamond studded windows
Are what really spoke to me
As they reflected in a million colours
Everything I’d never seen
And sure as the vermillion
In the sun setting sky
In just a precious fortnight
I had to hustle my goodbyes



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