I know you’ve been dreaming
Not because you talk in your sleep
But because the light flickering beneath your eyes
Is like a secret you cannot keep

And I know that everything around you
Has lost itself in folds of just being there
For why else would an expression of hopelessness
Be all that you ever wear

I know you really cannot let go
For I’ve seen you knuckles turn white
From clinging on to things
From holding on too tight

And I know you cross your arms
Not to keep people away
But to contain everything
That you really want to say

I know true love is something
You have never seen
But that’s because the purest feelings in people’s hearts
Are usually clandestine

I’ve taken enough detours
To understand your numbing pain
And I want to make sure that happiness
Isn’t something that you have to feign

And I know you’re just patiently waiting
For the sanguine in your blood to fade
But I promise to give you enough love
To wish that you would’ve stayed



8 thoughts on “Hidden

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  1. Hello, Vasvi,
    Your poetry is real, deep and dark. At first I felt your pain and then as you named it, hopefully, you became free. I learned from my spiritual journey, the only way to become free was to go within and love me.
    Thank you for your sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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