Passive Absorption

Every morning the sunlight that combs through the strands of my hair
And every billowing wind that rapturously kisses my cheek
And the rustling leaves that whisper to me, in keen discretion
Make me feel empowered.

Every word engendered from the abyss of my vocal chords
And those inscribed upon the carcasses of opalescent paper                                     Every chance at an erasure of the arrhythmic follies of my past
Comes to me like a benediction.

Every figment of consent earnestly sought out of me
And every profusion of love that finds a home in my heart
Every little smile that reaches out and moulds the shape of my lips into serenity
Dulcifies my being.

But every gaze that seems to unbutton the gossamer fabric enveloping me
Every forcefully removed piece of clothing that strips me of my plumage
And every complaint lodged with spoken and unspoken derision
Lacerates my effeminacy.


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