Whiteness and Easy Corruptibility

White hosts dust best

A riot of colour wreaks

as the sun saffrons my lips

crayons my skin vermillion

forges me in hot lust



Every verse

That sits in my belly.

It stitches me

in sensuous promises-

white petals torched by an orange sky,

a conscience fading out

like chlorophyll

poached by

negligences of nature:

A sort of pigmented conscience


My singed lips sing of wasted epiphanies

and laughter effervescences

from the dungeons of my throat

like water spilling from a glass tripped over:

encompassing skin

and bone

and blood.

Petals shudder

moving asunder from my stem:

specks of white



and finally sleeping

in ghettos of tired beauty

I let you lithely paint my skin

carpenter my bones

drink from me

until I run dry

become an indecorous flower

Plucked and Pollinated.


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