Beg Borrow Steal

I didn’t even know my eyes were swamped 

Until I saw the candle lights wear stilettos 

And click their heels

Against blood-bathed parquetry.

And lain in pools of rubric

Eyelids hugged the Uranus in his eyes- so hard that I knew they’d never part 

Eyelashes skirted his orbs- never to be wished upon again 

His eyebrows- like arcs broken off the very circle of life

Looking just the way they did

When he would fall asleep

With a chest that rose and fell to rhythm.


In that flesh- freshly bitten into

Sat scribbled songs

Of the stems he put to bed behind my ears;

Resided recollections

Of the way our smiles touched  

And the blue roses he left in my lap.


roses aren’t blue

These are reconstructions, not recollections 

I made up the memories-

only so I could validate the vastness of the loss I felt 

On losing someone who wasn’t mine in the first place

That bothers me too.


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