Of Letting Summer Go

Absent are the hoofbeats of the breeze. I am remembering  in these boughs about meaninglessness and ecstasy The symmetry of the hunger we feel. And drunken yesterdays, When I stomped on pretty flower beds and you plucked my grass.   The corridors of time contain the freight of heavy goodbyes Abundant is our longing, scrunched up like  Veins of a book-bound leaf that shares  With us the disbelief of its demise And feeding fat is our sensual, carnal,  Corporal mouth. For to live is a tiny, cowardly thing  of utter belittlement. But gradually there will be joy  to be found in … Continue reading Of Letting Summer Go

Ignoring messiahs of morality

Dear Broken Rear View Mirror, Although physically I have no access to you, I would like to believe that I have “recovered” you from the burgeoning … Continue reading Ignoring messiahs of morality